Flamenco 37

June 21st–29th, 2024

37th Festival Flamenco Alburquerque – June 21-29, 2024
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José Manuel "El Oruco"

José Manuel

“El Oruco”

Music Workshop





The Workshop

In this class the student will study the intricacies of the rhythmic hand clapping and “swing” (soniquete) that is the basis for all flamenco song, dance and music. Students will examine time structure and phrasing in flamenco and investigates the nuance that gives the rhythm life. This is a must-take course for all students of flamenco.
Choreographies and studies are the original work of the artists/teachers, and students learn flamenco through the experience and unique abilities that these master artists/teachers bring to their work. Workshops consist of six (6) hours of instruction over the course of seven (7) days, June 22-28. Instructors generally do not teach on the day of their scheduled performance.

Workshops consist of six (6) hours of instruction over the course of seven (7) days, June 22-28. Instructors generally do not teach on the day of their scheduled performance; “El Oruco” will not teach on June 25.
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“El Oruco”

Born in Sevilla in 1987, “El Oruco” received his first lessons with the Sevillan dancer “El Torombo” with whom he shared the stage in the flamenco season of the Diputación and the Coliseo Cubierto “El Palenque” in Sevilla, then passing to Juan Manuel Fernández Montoya Farruquito. He studied with artists such as La Farruca, La Faraona, Antonio Canales, and Juan de Juan. Her participated in the show Los Gnomos del Flamenco of the company of Antonio Montoya “Farru,” as well as his participation in the different editions of the Biennial of Flamenco Art of Seville, Festival Mont de Marsan, Biennial of Flamenco Art of Paris, Festival USA and other events of national and international interest dedicated to Flamenco Art, with artists such as Israel Galván, Rocío Molina, Rosario “La Tremendita,” Esperanza Fernández, Pastora Galván, Argentina, and José Ángel Carmona, among others. He has also played a leading role as a bailaor in shows such as Flamenco de Raza by singer Curro Fernández, Rara Avis by guitarist Eduardo Trassierra, Alma Gitana by bailaora Juana Amaya, and Diquela and Seis por Derecho of his own authorship.

He produced his new show Ladrón del Tiempo, and has frequently participated in the shows of Rosario “La Tremendita,” Rocío Molina, Eduardo Trassierra. He continues to present, along with his flamenco group, the works Eco and Seis por Derecho, on various stages in Spain and the world. As part of his teaching, he continues to develop an academic project, “FormArte Flamenco,” together with the dancer Karolina González “La Negra,” promoting the study of flamenco art from its technical, rhythmic, and choreographic structural bases, which has reached different academies in countries such as Chile, Mexico, Colombia, Greece, United States and Japan.

El Oruco



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