Mercedes de Córdoba

y compañía Present

Sí, Quiero


Tue. June 25 at 8:00pm



National Hispanic Cultural Center

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Sí, Quiero


Sí, Quiero is a categorical answer that admits no doubt. An anachronistic oath. A forceful and necessary cry. A vindication of commitment as a revolutionary act. A
reaffirmation of theact of wanting. A discovery of what one is and what one
feels. A conscious decision. An invitation to succumb to temptations. A game of contradictions. A break with conventions or an acceptance of passions. A ceremony that celebrates life. A victory. A toast.

An artist in whom lies natural ingenuousness loaded with experience and maturity, a choreographer who reflects and plans from a pleasurable unadorned solidity, a dancer with technical cleanliness, synchrony, depth and particularity in the movements that catch and provoke in the public a shared sense of enjoyment. – Manuel Martín, Diario El Mundo

Sí, Quiero

Cast & Credits

Mercedes de Córdoba
Dance, Choreography and Direction
Juan Campallo
Guitar and Musical Direction
Águeda Saavedra
María Reyes
Alejandra Creo
Marta Cañizares
Jesús Corbacho
Pepe de Pura
Paco Vega
“El Oruco”
Ángel Olalla
Antonio Valiente

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Mercedes de Córdoba

Considered one of the most powerful and authentic dancers of her generation, Mercedes de Córdoba has a long career in companies such as the Compañía Andaluza de Danza and those of great masters such as Javier Latorre, Javier Barón, Eva la Yerbabuena and Joaquín Grilo, always standing out for her talent, versatility, and ability to transmit emotions.
After collaborating with important figures in flamenco music and dance, and touring prestigious flamenco events as an outstanding soloist, this precocious dancer, who as a child was already touring globally, has become one of the essential names of today’s flamenco. After receiving in 2013 the National Flamenco Award in her hometown, she began a promising career with her own company with shows such as Sin Más, with which she toured numerous European cities; Ser… Ni conmigo ni sin mí, with which she achieved great critical and audience acclaim at events such as the 25th Festival de Jerez, the 21st Bienal de Flamenco de Sevilla, and the 6th Festival Flamenco Madrid. Her current work, Sí, Quiero, received unanimous support in the 27th edition of the Festival de Jerez, obtaining three awards – Guitarra con Alma Award and Best Musical Composition to guitarist Juan Campallo, Artist Revelation Award to dancer Águeda Saavedra, and Best Accompanying Singer Award to Pepe de Pura. As proof of her restlessness and creative maturity, the Cordoban dancer also stands out in as choreographer and/or artistic director of shows such as Cámara Abierta, by Paula Comitre, which she directed together with David Coria and won the Best Show Award at the 27th Festival de Jerez; Conmigo, also presented at the Festival de Jerez by Fernando Jiménez, Desplante Award at the Festival de La Unión; Ya no seremos, by Ángel Rojas; Sangre by Rafael and Juan Campallo; Nacer para Morir, by Adela Campallo; De Sevilla a Cádiz, by Arte en movimiento and Sonido de mis días by Gema Moneo. Or the collaboration with Eva la Yerbabuena, for whom she has choreographed a piece of her work Al igual que tú, premiered at the 25th Festival de Jerez, being the first time that the Granada-born choreographer put herself in the hands of another choreographer; in this case, the hands of one who was her student.

Mercedes de Córdoba

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Mercedes de Córdoba

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