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Festival Juvenil

Sponsored by the National Institute of Flamenco, Festival Juvenil is the youth component of Festival Flamenco Alburquerque. This program is part of FFABQ 37 as the premier national flamenco camp for experienced young flamenco dancers ages 10-15. Students will take exclusive Festival Juvenil classes together as part of a cohort, taught by Festival guest artists.

Students will be surrounded by the vibrant energy of Festival Flamenco participants and 40+ Spanish Guest Artists, as the camp is located on site with our full line up of Festival Flamenco workshops at the University of New Mexico. Only 20 spots are available for the 2024 Festival Juvenil. Registration will be taken on a first-paid, first-reserved basis.

Age and Student Placement

Young dancers ages 10-15 with higher levels of experience (3+ years of Flamenco Kids Camp or equivalent technique experience at their home studio) may apply to participate in Festival Juvenil. Please contact us regarding questions about student placement.

What’s Included:

Within their cohort, dancers will take the following Festival classes daily:

Stretch & Warm-Up with Deannna Encinias

Folclor Repertory with Festival Guest Artist David Acero

Danza Estilizada Repertory with Festival Guest Artist José Ángel Capel

Flamenco Repertory (Tangos) with Festival Guest Artist María Reyes

Rhythm & Cajón with Festival Guest Artist, TBA

Flamenco Cante with Festival Guest Artist, Ana Salazar

Special Daily Review Session with Juvenil Director, Fabian Sisneros

Students also receive

One (1) FFABQ 37 T-Shirt

Tickets to attend two (2) world-class flamenco performances

Snacks during passing breaks

Schedules, artists, and pricing on all FFABQ 37 programming subject to change.
Please read our Refund/Discount Policy

Learn More About

David Acero

David Acero is an award winning choreographer and dancer of Folclor (Spanish Folk Dance) and Danza Estilizada Española.
After debating between music or dance, he started dancing at the age of 9 at the Antonio Canales School with teachers like Reyes Orozco and Eduardo Solís. The following year, he entered the “Mariemma” Royal Professional Dance Conservatory, where he remained until his graduation, with an outstanding grade and honorable mention, in 2013. Here, he developed a large part of his artistic ability, with a team of wonderful teachers whom he holds dear. A significant portion of that artistic learning he owes to the “Larreal” workshop, of which he was a part for 4 years and where he performed, in various roles, countless choreographies.

His professional journey began in that same year of 2013 with the “Ibérica de Danza” company, where he intermittently remained for 6 years while also working with other companies such as that of Aida Gomez, the “Spanish Enclave,” directed by Antonio Pérez and David Sánchez, “Ballet Teatro Español de Rafael Aguilar,” also with the director and choreographer Carlos Vilán in various Zarzuela productions, and with the great master José Antonio. In all of them, he continued his development , being able to dance all styles of Spanish dance, and with the great fortune of interpreting pieces of Escuela Bolera, such as with the “Nota De Paso” company of Malena Mexía, where he danced newly created pieces and repertoire, such as “Puerta de Tierra,” by the great Antonio,”El Bailarín.”

He traveled to Mexico in the 2017/2018 academic year to embark on a new facet as a teacher at the “ProArt” school in the city of Querétaro. There, he developed one of his great passions: teaching. That year served as a turning point and learning experience to continue his career as a dancer. Upon his return, he was fortunate to be part of the contemporary dance production “Dream of a Traveler, a Tale from Muharraq” with choreography by Patrick De Bana and artistic direction by José Antonio, where he absorbed other styles of dance that made him grow in many aspects. Also with the company “Elephant In The Black Box” by Jean Philippe Dury with the show “Romeo and Juliet.”

Almost from the beginning of his professional life, he began to flirt with choreographic work, which gave him the opportunity to nourish himself while teaching with his colleagues for whom he choreographs. He has choreographed for different dancers, some of his creations like “Baile Andaluz” for dancer Inés García (First Prize at the “City of Barcelona Competition” 2014) and “Mataora” for Laura Fúnez (Outstanding Dancer Award at the “IV CCDT” 2017).

In addition to dancing and choreographing, perseverance, rigor, love, tenacity, endurance, integrity, all that and more, is the dance that he lived, that he lives, and that he wants to continue living. Each and every experience over this time is very valuable to him, some not mentioned, because they all teach something and make him continue to grow. For now, he hopes for more work, projects, and experiences to keep learning from his experience in Dance.

See David Acero in the Performance

Muerta de Amor

Premiering at Festival Flamenco Alburquerque 37