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Muerta de Amor


Wed. June 26 at 8:00pm



National Hispanic Cultural Center

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  Muerta de Amor


A space where desires nourished by past longings coexist and feelings can be reclaimed. In this new creation, Manuel Liñán seeks sustenance through emotion and flesh, a journey inviting him to discover humanity’s need for connection, the closeness between bodies, what drives them, and their consequences. Featuring 12 artists on stage, the performance guides us through this choreographic passage, with the essence of copla, aiming at different atmospheres: desire, fantasy, provocation … needs arising from our own intimacy, from our bodies, sustaining our vital energy.

“The emphasis on invoking these emotional fields, provoked by relationships, keeps alive a constant desire, reflected in my dance.

P.S. Fall in love, friend, you’ll dance better.” – Manuel Liñán

Liñán is neatly explosive, with the strong, sudden attack of a mousetrap, and when he gets sucked into the moment, so do we. – Lyndsey Winship, The Guardian

Muerta de Amor

Cast & Credits

Manuel Liñán
Dance, Direction, Set Design
Ernesto Artillo
Direction collaborator, Costume Design, Set Design
Mara Rey
Invited Artist, Cante
David Acero
José Ángel Capel
Juan Tomas de la Molia
Miguel Ángel Heredia
Ángel Reyes
Alberto Sellés
Juan de la María
Fran Vinuesa
Victor “Guadiana”
Javier Teruel
Gloria Montesinos
Lighting Design
J.M Pitkänen
Ángel Olalla
Peineta Producciones/ Ana Carrasco
Executive Production, Managment

Learn More About

Manuel Liñán

The Granada-born Manuel Liñán is an artist deeply rooted in flamenco. Winner of the 2017 National Dance Prize, he exudes purity and embodies life, freshness, and passion. His works display an absolute mastery of the stage and the ability to create new paradigms, while at the same time weaving a solid, traditional tapestry.
Early in his career, Liñán collaborated as a soloist with companies of artists such as Merche Esmeralda and Teresa Nieto, and in performances alongside artists such as Belén Maya and Rafaela Carrasco. With Olga Pericet, he directed Cámara Negra, and with Marco Flores, Dos en Compañía. He is a talented choreographer and director and frequently invited to choreograph for companies such as the National Ballet of Spain, Rafaela Carrasco, and the Nuevo Ballet Español. He co-created REW with Daniel Doña, which allowed him to develop joint choreographic and direction work.
In 2008, he began his solo career with Tauro. Later, he continued with Mundo y Aparte and Sinergia, earning him the Festival de Jerez, Revelation Prize in 2012. He was awarded the 2013 Max Prize for best male dancer and the Flamenco Hoy Critics Award for best dancer. In 2014, he premiered Nómada at the Festival de Jerez. In 2016, he presented Reversible, winning the Critics’ Award at the Festival de Jerez. Baile de Autor premiered at the Festival de Jerez in 2018. In 2019, he presented VIVA!, which received incredible international acclaim and earned him the 2020 Festival de Jerez Critic’s Prize and the Max Public Award. In 2022, he received the Pozo de Plata award, honoring his professional career. This spring, he won three Lorca Prizes for Pie de Hierro: best performance, best choreography, and best male dancer. His most recent work, Muerta de Amor premiered earlier this summer at the Teatros Canal in Madrid.

Manuel Liñán

photos by marcosGpunto

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