Flamenco 37

June 21st–29th, 2024

37th Festival Flamenco Alburquerque – June 21-29, 2024
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Muerta de Amor


Wed. June 26 at 8:00pm



National Hispanic Cultural Center

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Muerta de Amor


A space where desires and dreams exist, which is nourished by the longings of the past, and feelings can be recovered pure and direct.a show that has 12 artists on stage, who will be responsible for guiding us in this tribute to love, in the broadest sense of the word, and its consequences.

“Muerta de Amor” is musically inspired by and takes as its starting point “La Copla”, an update of this genre, bringing new sounds and structures, inspired by this framework and its relationship with flamenco, a musical encounter between the past and the present, which proposes new futuristic forms. The choreography directed by Manuel Liñán, together with the other dancers, of flamenco and Spanish dance, proposes a choreographic discourse that points to different atmospheres: desire, fantasy, the carnal, embraces, religion… The stimuli that the body receives through sentimental or carnal contact make us reflect on the importance of human beings to relate to each other. The interpretation of these stimuli through movement, the analysis of the different scenarios in which they occur, and the different ways, are the impulse for this choreographic passage.

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Muerta de Amor

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Manuel Liñán

2017 National Dance Prize winner, the Granada-born Manuel Liñán is not only a dancer, but a celebrated choreographer, and director. An artist of flamenco roots who exudes purity in himself and in the dance he transmits, Manuel is life, freshness and passion. After years of research into new trends, this dancer and choreographer is inclined to continue with tradition, taking it to an unusual point between genius and simplicity, and placing himself at the forefront of flamenco. His shows are characterized by an absolute mastery of the stage space and the ability to create new paradigms and extract the maximum potential from them. Manuel weaves a solid and traditional tapestry where singing, guitar and dance are the hosts.

Manuel Liñán

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Manuel Liñán

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