Flamenco 37

June 21st–29th, 2024

37th Festival Flamenco Alburquerque – June 21-29, 2024
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Kayla Lyall


Beginning/Intermediate Dance

Guajira con
Bata de Cola




The Workshop

In dance classes, choreography and technique will be taught. Workshop choreographies are set to various palos (song forms and rhythms). Choreographies are the original work of the artists/teachers, and students learn flamenco through the experience and unique abilities that these master artists/teachers bring to their work. The bata de cola is a long-trained skirt. Its use demands strong technique, requiring dedicated study to master manipulation and control. The bata de cola allows for unique body movements and effects not achievable with shorter costumes. Beyond its visual appeal, the dancer with a bata de cola has a functional yet aesthetically beautiful wardrobe piece, offering a constant source of inspiration for exploring new dance movements.
Workshops consist of six (6) hours of instruction over the course of seven (7) days, June 22-28. Instructors generally do not teach on the day of their scheduled performance.

Workshops consist of six (6) hours of instruction over the course of seven (7) days, June 22-28. Instructors generally do not teach on the day of their scheduled performance; Kayla Lyall will not teach on June 28.
Schedules, artists, and pricing on all FFABQ 37 programming subject to change.
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Kayla lyall

Kayla Lyall began dancing as a child with Eva Encinias in Albuquerque, New Mexico. She became infatuated with the artform, studying in Sevilla in 2008, and winning the Concurso Nacional del Flamenco in 2005 and 2011. As a board certified educator, Kayla worked at Tierra Adentro of New Mexico from 2011-2022, where she established a flamenco focus program, choreographing and training high-school students in flamenco dance. She began teaching at the National Institute of Flamenco in 2005, and continues to teach all levels and ages, co-directing and choreographing for the institute’s pre-professional training company. Kayla has worked throughout the United States as a solo performer, and with the groups, “La Juerga Flamenco Ensemble” and “Yjastros: The American Flamenco Repertory Company.” Currently, Kayla is a principal dancer and assistant artistic director of “Yjastros” in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Kayla performs regularly at Tablao Flamenco Albuquerque, sharing the stage with such artists as Manuel Tañe, Victór “El Tomate”, Adrian Santana, Águeda Saavedra, Pedro Cordoba, Eva “La Lebri”, and more. In addition to her work as a tablao dancer, Kayla works intimately with world renowned choreographers including Rafaél Estéves, Valeriano Paños, Daniel Doña, Jesús Carmona, Concha Jareño, Marco Flores, and Antonio Canales. Kayla is currently pursuing her Masters in Fine Arts in Flamenco at the University of New Mexico, teaching at the University and at the National Institute of Flamenco, performing weekly in the tablao, and as principal dancer in “Yjastros.”

Kayla Lyall