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In dance classes, choreography and technique will be taught. Workshop choreographies are set to various palos (song forms and rhythms). Choreographies are the original work of the artists/teachers, and students learn flamenco through the experience and unique abilities that these master artists/teachers bring to their work. Workshops consist of six (6) hours of instruction over the course of seven (7) days, June 22-28. Instructors generally do not teach on the day of their scheduled performance. Adela Campallo will not teach on June 23.

Workshops consist of six (6) hours of instruction over the course of seven (7) days, June 22-28. Instructors generally do not teach on the day of their scheduled performance; Adela Campallo will not teach on June 23.
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Adela Campallo

Adela Campallo was born in Sevilla in 1977 in the heart of a great flamenco family, in the neighborhood of Cerro del Águila. There, within the nucleus of the Campallo family, she made her debut at age nine in front of artists of the stature of the great Lola Flores. She began her professional training under great masters such as José Galván and Manolo Marín in addition to having perfected her art and personal style with artists such as Antonio Canales, Javier Barón, Andrés Marín, Manuela Carrasco, Merche Esmeralda, and her brother Rafael Campallo. When she was just fifteen yesrs old, Adela traveled to Japan with her brothers, settled there for more than six months, working in the tablao El Flamenco and teaching courses throughout Tokyo. On her return to Sevilla in 1992, she formed part of the company of Manuela Carrasco in the show La Diosa, dancing in the most prestigious festivals and theatres of the day. From 1993 onwards, she performed in the most important tablaos in Sevilla, Barcelona, Madrid, and Japan. She has performed in tablaos such as Los Gallos, El Arenal, El Cordobés, Casa Patas, and El Flamenco, and in Festivals such as Albuquerque, Marseille and Mont de Marsan, and the Corral del Carbón, among others. Throughout her career, Adela has performed on countless tablaos and stages throughout Spain, Japan, Mexico and other countries, as well as in performances such as the ingenious work of Francis Brunn, the brilliant German juggler, and sharing the stage with Farruquito, Farru, José Maya, Torombo and Jairo Barrul. At the beginning of 2016, Adela established herself as a professional choreographer, having taught courses of professional specialization of flamenco dance in many countires, and working in a choreographic laboratory in a period of deep introspection. That same year, Mexico was her host country where she was named Ambassador of Flamenco in Mexico and America within the 1st meeting in Mexico of Flamenco Art in America, in the presence of more than 10 countries in North and Central America, the Caribbean islands, and the Antilles, consecrating herself as an icon and a reference of flamenco and its juncture in an entire continent, in addition to being the image of the prestigious annual festival, Mexico Muy Flamenco 2016, and being part of the show Sin muros by David Peña “Dorantes.” In July 2017 she is invited to give courses at the ibIrica Contemporánea festival, and perform a gala for this prestigious festival in the city of Querétaro in Mexico, obtaining rave reviews from the public and the press. She continues to be called by the flamenco pianist Dorantes as a guest artist for the presentation of her latest cd, as well as for galas in Spain and Europe.
She is currently immersed in the creation and production of her latest show, Fui Piedra, and at the same time she continues teaching in Spain, Europe, Japan and the Americas.

Adela Campallo

Photo: Felix Vásquez

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