Maui de


y compañía in

Domingo de Vermut

y Potaje



Sun. June 23 at 6:00pm



X Theatre, UNM

Domingo de Vermut yPotaje


Domingo de Vermut y Potaje with Maui is much more than a show – it is a wonderful miscellany of theatre, music, humor, compás, pellizco, and words, using the potaje as a protagonist that transports us to the most authentic, festive celebrations. After becoming an essential bohemian event in Madrid’s artistic environment, Maui presents to new stages this delightful experience that combines gastronomy and theatre around a pot of potaje.

Unclassifiable and captivating, Maui has different way of understanding art and flamenco; she is an artist and creator who dissolves borders and stereotypes… – SPAIN Arts & Culture

Domingo de Vermut y Potaje

Cast & Credits

Maui de Utrera
Vocals, acting, and script
Paco Soto
Kiko Martín
Palmas, Coros, and Choreography
Adrián Mejía
Palmas, Coros, and Choreography

Ángel Rojas
Artistic Direction
Benito Jiménez
Felix Vazquez

Learn More About

Maui de Utrera

María Luisa Ramírez, known artistically as Maui, was born in Utrera (Sevilla), niece of the legendary Bambino and daughter of the guitarist and composer Miguel Ramirez of Los Centellas. She grew up in a purely flamenco environment around a pot of potaje (stew), a guitar, and a lot of rhythm. At age 18, she moved to Granada to study cello, and there began to collaborate with different groups. She formed her own group, Maui y Los Sirénidos, with whom she released three albums and received multiple awards, such as the 2009 UFI Award for best flamenco album. After a physical and spiritual move from her beloved Granada to Madrid, she published her first work as Maui, Viaje Interior. Unsatisfied with songs only, in 2016 she began her journey through theatrical flamenco, first with the show Soy Una Feria, and later in 2018 with Domingos de Vermut y Potaje, which remains on theatre billboards with notable success. In 2019, she released the album Por Arte de Magía, a work full of strength and sensitivity in equal parts, with Fernando Illán Batutade in production, and landmark collaborations with the masterful verses of Chipi de La Canalla, the flute of the great Jorge Pardo, the voice of gitano musical wizard Antonio Carmona, and the singing and spice of the magician of compás, Tomasito. Sixteen years on the stage and five albums to her credit endorse Maui’s unique and successful career. Far from any familiar label, Maui has been called the Björk of Utrera, the Lady Gaga of flamenco, a diva of humor and rhythm, a singer-actress… but she is simply Maui, unique in her style, compositions, her delightful aesthetics, and her magic on stage.

Maui Utrera