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Con-Cierto Flamenco


Thu. June 27 at 8:00pm



National Hispanic Cultural Center

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Con-Cierto Flamenco


Con-Cierto Flamenco is a touching and rooted creation that captivates and dazzles. Each of the artists shines with their own light in a stunning show that avoids group choreography in favor of the closeness of the individuals on stage. The work is a novel, different, original proposal in lyrics, music and choreography, full of small allegories in which the protagonists provide a soundtrack to the feeling.

Farruquito revives the best moments of previous shows, integrating other passages anchored to essence and improvisation as indispensable hallmarks that tie him to the origins of “lo jondo.”

It is configured as a choreography of spontaneity in the search for the wonderful balance between the different eras of flamenco dance, becoming the extension of music as a result of the extraordinary symbiosis of yesterday, today and tomorrow. Flamenco singing, guitar, percussion and dance sway to the sound of other musical influences, clinging to traditional roots but with fresh shades of current fury.

The prince has become emperor. His dance is full of silences, shading, nuances, and looks that kill. His exquisitely subtle movements of hands and head combine alongside a crystalline rhythm with the precision of a surgeon.

Concierto Flamenco

Cast & Credits

Dance and Direction
Juan “El Moreno”
Ismael “El Bola”
Ezequiel Montoya
Mara Rey
María Vizzaraga
Manuel Valencia
Paco Vega
José Fernández
Felix Vazquez
Benito Jiménez

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Farruquito is a dancer, choreographer and producer of flamenco. Within his great career, he has created a dance form that preserves the purity of flamenco. Born in Sevilla, he is the son of singer Juan Fernández Flores “El Moreno” and dancer Rosario Montoya Manzano “La Farruca.” Heir to a school founded by his grandfather “Farruco,” he debuted on the international scene at age five on Broadway with the show Flamenco Puro, sharing the bill with his family and the most legendary figures of flamenco. At age eight, he had his first season in a venue in Madrid. The following year he participated in the presentation of the Paralympic Games and the 1992 Expo in Seville. At eleven he was already collaborating with Camarón, and the following year he participated in the film Flamenco by Carlos Saura, along with his grandfather “Farruco.” That same year he participated in the artistic direction of the Bodas de Gloria with his family. At the age of fifteen he created his first show, “Raíces Flamencas”, achieving great success. At the age of 19 he was already triumphing in the United States, initiating an international career. For Farruquito, flamenco is a way of understanding life. Of his numerous works, awards, and festival apperances, highlights include: The Academy of Music awarded him for lyrics in “Dulce Canela” from the album María by Niña Pastori and for the sound of his feet in the tribute album to “Jeros”. In 2003, he premiered with great success the show Alma Vieja at the Teatro de la Maestranza in Sevilla. In 2016, he performed a recital in the Plaza de la Catedral de Almería with the guitar of Niño Josele and the voice of Arcángel. In August 2020, he released Íntimo, within the edition of Flamenco On Fire. With the participation of Remedios Amaya he combined the roots of flamenco with a more contemporary musical framework, and born from his reflections as an artist after more than thirty years on stage.


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