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Thurs. June 27 at 6:00pm



Rodey Theatre, UNM

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One of flamenco’s meteorically rising young stars, Águeda Saavedra brings the deeply personal Venero to U.S. stages for the first time.

“Venero is both principle and source, it is something that springs from a natural form driven by the need to exist, to survive, to be, to transit, or simply to be in the here and now, returning to what has already happened if necessary, or never looking back. A vision of a slow and thoughtful time that starts from an origin with different beginnings, which make paths that are recognized, resurfacing in a neat and orderly way, being aware at every moment of what is wanted, and others however are born from the impulse or inertia itself, without knowing where it will end and what is its purpose. With music as a source, and the body as the most loyal form of expression, remembering what happened, having a purpose, continuing to start many times leaving the body to express itself freely.”  – Águeda Saavedra

It is necessary to see her. I do not think that words are not enough to describe in its totality the addictive art of her dance. And as always, when I talk about dance, the first premise is beauty. With Águeda Saavedra it is guaranteed. – Teresa Fernández Herrera, Suma Flamenca.


Cast & Credits

Águeda Saavedra
Jesús Corbacho
Pepe de Pura
Juan Campallo
José Manuel “El Oruco”
Paco Vega

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Águeda Saavedra began her career as a game when she was only 3 years old, but it was at the age of 8 when she entered the Professional Conservatory of Malaga to study Spanish Dance and Flamenco, moving to Madrid when she was only 15 and finishing her studies at the “Conservatorio Profesional Carmen Amaya” with the distinction of “Outstanding.”

It was then when, after winning the “1st VILLARROSA TABLAO AWARD,”she began to perform in the most prestigious tablaos of the Capital and the rest of the country and to take her dance to numerous festivals. In parallel, her professional career grew as a member of numerous companies, including Daniel Doña in his show “Rew” and Manuel Liñán with the show “Nómada.”

She also participated in the shows “De Flamenca” and “Entrar al juego” by Marcos Flores; “Impetu’s” by Jesús Carmona; in the production “Duende” for the cycle Lorca en los Jardines del Generalife, led by Manuel Liñán and Fuensanta “La Moneta;” and in the show “Simbiosis” by Adrián Santana, as a guest artist, which had a great acceptance in the Festival de Jerez in 2019.

She was a soloist in the Ballet Flamenco de Andalucía under the direction of Úrsula López. She recieved a revelation artist award for her participation in the show “Sí quiero” of the cia. Mercedes de Córdoba that premiered at the Jerez Festival 2021. 

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